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Curtains play a large part in the décor of your home. Seldom do you find a room that doesn't have windows, with the exception of possibly a bathroom. How you decorate or cover your window plays a large part in the overall appearance of your home. Electric curtains not only add to the décor of your home but provide other important features as well. Curtains alone have a large advantage over blinds. Turn them into electric curtains and you have a great look in your home combined with automation and convenience.
Curtains can be purchased in many styles and fabrics unlike blinds, which are generally bland and simple. Curtains, with the many available choices of styles, provide your room with a look of elegance that just cannot be found with blinds. While blinds generally just cover your window and nothing more, curtains can be designed in widths and lengths to go around and below the window. Curtains also act as insulation around your windows, keeping hot sunlight out or cold air in the winter. Once you've decided to definitely go with curtains in your home, Silent Gliss Electric Curtains will be your logical choice. Although there are many, here are some of the most obvious advantages of electrical curtains:
·         Energy Efficiency- Electric curtains are available with a light-detecting unit that recognizes when the hot sunlight is pouring through your windows and will automatically close your curtains. You won't have to worry energy being wasted from your air conditioner running needlessly when no one is home. By keeping the hot sun from shining through your window, your home will stay cooler inside in the summer. By programming them to open on sunny days in the winter, you'll be warming your home.
·         Security for your home- Studies show that the majority of homes that are burglarized are homes that are empty. Intruders are able to determine a pattern by watching the home for a few days. Electric curtains come with a timer so you can control when they are opened or closed throughout the day. Your home will always have the appearance of having someone inside.
·         Convenience- Electric curtains come with your choice of wall switch, remote control and timers. These all contribute to making the operation of your curtains simple. The wall switch and remote control allow you to open and close your curtains from different areas in your home-at your convenience.
·         Versatility- Electric curtains can be designed to fit many styles and sizes of windows. They can even be bent and altered for bay windows, which are very popular in homes today. You also have your choice of what side of the track you wish the motor to be installed, where you would like to draw the curtains from (middle, top, left or right side) and how many tracks.
Electric curtains are becoming popular in many homes for all of the obvious reasons. They also add to the value of your home if you ever consider selling. Potential buyers will be impressed by the convenience they'll have with electric curtains, which will also give them an overall higher opinion of the entire home.