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Electric curtains are a fairly new and very popular form of automation inside your home. Opening and closing your curtains is now easy, fun and something the entire family can do. You'll find several models of electric curtains so you can choose as few or as many features as you like.
The Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 B is a very popular model in electric curtains and consists of an autoglide curtain track that's made especially for inside your home. It's easy to fit and even easier to use. Silent Gliss electric curtains come in a complete kit, which includes motor, fixing brackets, track, wall switch, power cable and instructions to help you provide a full fit for your curtains. It will come to your door fully assembled and custom made to your exact specifications without needing endless adjustments. A wall switch controls this model so you can easily open and close your drapes without ever having to be near them. You can flip the switch as you're leaving or entering the room.
The Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 T is very similar to the 5100 B but it comes equipped with a timer. The timer is a very convenient feature if you're gone from home a lot as you can program it to open and close the curtains at different times of the day. This makes for a great addition to your security system. Potential intruders will never know if someone is in the house or not.
The Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 R offers you the standard features seen in the Model 5100 except it is operated by a remote control. All you need is the remote control and you can open and close them from wherever you happen to be in your home. This model is excellent for individuals with mobility problems.
The Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 TC gives you total control of your electric curtains as it comes with the timer, wall switch and remote control. You'll really have complete control over when your curtains are opened and closed, whether it's done by remote control, wall switch or timer.
Electric curtains offer you ease of use and convenience, not to mention the energy efficiency and extra home security they provide. Another great feature of these electric curtains is that they can be modified to your specifications and size of window. In addition, you have your choice of what side of the track you want the motor installed, what side you want to draw the curtains from and the number of tracks. They can even be adjusted for bay windows. Everything about the Silent Gliss range of electric curtains oozes quality, and you'll soon be recommending them to all your friends.