Remote Controlled Electric Curtain Tracks and Blinds Made to Your Measurements

A range of mains and battery-powered remote control electric curtain tracks and blinds for the home. Build and order online. Fantastic pre and after-sales customer support from our friendly team.

When you buy a curtain track from Discount Electric Curtains though, you're not just buying top quality home automation products at extremely competitive prices, you also receive our full attention for pre-sale and after-sales service. Our experienced staff will be pleased to answer any questions you may have to help you make your electric curtain track decisions, and we're here for after you receive your track with any further questions you may have.

Electric Curtains - convenient home automation

An electric curtain track can be mains or battery-powered and open and close your curtains automatically at the touch of a button and the smart motor activated on a timer. Electric Curtains are perfect as a general convenience, for people who are less able-bodied and for people who are away from their property regularly and want it to look like someone is home. While there are many brands of electric curtain available, we sell the highest quality, most reliable and robust, and quietest tracks on the market, Silent Gliss and Somfy.

Experience a motorised curtain with our Electric Curtain Track

Electric curtain tracks are made to order to your exact measurements for a perfect fit. The unique design of the Silent Gliss Autoglide electric curtain tracks houses all of the components neatly inside the track, with just the motor on the end, which is hidden by your curtain. The tracks can be mounted to a wall or the ceiling and an Autoglides motorised curtains can be up to six metres long and made to measure.

Electric Curtain track Installation

If you choose our most popular Autoglide 5100 or Somfy Irismo series of electric curtain tracks, you can install the curtains yourself with no need for an electrician. You just need competent DIY skills to drill the holes for the mounting brackets and fixtures and then the track just clips into place. The Autoglide comes with a five metre power cable with fitted UK mains plug, and the Somfy tracks are battery powered and can be activated by remote control.

Electric Curtains Cost

Buying a motorised curtain from us? We offer a 35% discount on the Silent Gliss Autoglide RRP and they are the best electric curtains money can buy. Their build quality is unparalleled meaning their reliability is outstanding, they also come with high quality curtain track accessories such as a remote control. They also come with a five year warranty as standard.

Electric Curtains Bay Window

Many people wonder if an electric curtain system or motorised curtain can be bent for bay windows and the answer is yes! Through our many years of selling Autoglides, we have developed a sure-fire way of getting the bends for bay windows absolutely perfect based on a few simple measurements we ask you to give us. Silent Gliss Autoglides range can have a maximum of two bends in them up to ninety degrees or a single long curve along the length of the whole track.

How to Control Electric Curtains

Silent Gliss Autoglide electric curtains come with different control options depending on the model you choose. The model B comes with a wireless button that can be mounted to the wall and removed at your convenience. The R comes with a wireless remote control. The T comes with a programmable timer unit and the TC (Total Control) comes with all three control options including a remote control. All of these smart motorised curtain systems can be made to measure too.

Do I need a Professional to Install an Electric Curtain Track?

The Autoglide and Somfy models can be installed by anyone competent at DIY and you do not need a professional to install them. The more powerful models, such as the Silent Gliss 5600 do require a professional to wire them into the mains safely.

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