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Electric curtains are fantastic. The original idea of curtains that can be opened automatically may sound frivolous and silly; however, only until you've actually tried them or seen them in motion. Nevertheless, do you remember your initial reaction when you heard televisions were being made to be used with remote controls? You probably laughed as a large portion of the population did and thought you'd never be that lazy to need a remote control just change the channel on your television. Little did any of us know how this one little convenience would become such an important part of our lives? Electric curtains are having the same impact in our life with even more positive responses than the handy television remote control.
The Ultimate in Convenience & Energy Efficiency
Electric curtains provide us with the ultimate in convenience. Regardless of how your room is decorated or how your furniture is situated, opening and closing your curtains will be a breeze with the electric curtains. They come in a variety of options, each designed for your convenience and individual needs. For instance, you can have the motor for your electric curtains installed on the left side of the track or the right side and you can also select which side you want to draw the curtains from. It's all about your convenience.
Convenience is what automation is all about and electric curtains offer you the best of both. With the constant emphasis on energy efficiency, you'll want to do your part by installing electric curtains in your home. You have your choice of a wall switch, timer, remote control or the premier system with the wireless wall switch, timer and remote control.
Wall Switch
The wall switch works much like the light switches you have in your home, which turn your lights off and on. The wall switch for the electric curtains allows you to open and close your curtains or drapes. If you're curtains seem to be buried behind your sofa, entertainment centre or household plants, you'll no longer have a hassle maneuvering through all these items to open your curtains in the morning and closing them at night.  For pricing details, see Electric Curtain Track.
The timer makes for a completely self-sufficient and energy efficient method of automation. If you're gone for the day, you can program your curtains to open and close at the times you've specified by programming it into the controller. This makes for a great addition to your home security system as potential intruders will never know if you're home or not because you'll be in control of opening and closing your drapes or curtains. .
Remote Control
The remote control offers you the same convenience with your curtains as your television remote control offers you. If you're in bed for the night and suddenly realize you forgot to close your curtains, you can do this easily with the remote control. Whether you choose one or all of these automated controllers, you'll find opening and closing your curtains is the easiest task in your home-even a young child can handle it correctly.