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Introducing: The Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100

The new gold standard in luxury electric curtains.

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Silent Gliss has launched the new Autoglide 5100 Electric Curtain Track system.

It will replace the Autoglide 5090 series as the luxury choice of electric curtain track.

If you're already familiar with the 5090 range, you'll recognise the 5100’s available configurations:

Autoglide 5100B
Electric curtain track, motor and wireless wall switch
Autoglide 5100R
Electric curtain track, motor, wireless wall switch and remote control
Autoglide 5100T
Electric curtain track, motor, wireless wall switch and timer unit
Autoglide 5100TC
All of the above - Electric curtain track, motor, wireless wall switch, remote and timer

Like the 5090 range, the 5100 system is:

  • simple to install without the need of an electrician
  • can be bent for use in bay windows
  • has smooth, fast and quiet operation
  • built to an amazingly high quality with a 5 year warranty
  • is compatible with the Silent Gliss Wave Header system for beautiful, evenly spaced curtain waves

The 5100 system also has a couple of stand-out features over the 5090 range:

  • A new feature called Touch & Go, where you simply pull on your curtain and the motor takes over for the rest of the way.
  • There's now an easy manual override in the event you suffer a power cut

Order your curtain track from Discount Electric Curtains and receive a track, motor, and relevant control methods made completely bespoke to your exact required length up to 5m. Call us now on 01543 279996 to order.