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Silent Gliss 4955 Battery Operated Roller Blinds

Battery-powered (8 x AA)
Remote controlled
5 year warranty
Child safe
Easy DIY fitting

Product Overview

Made to measure, ready to fit, easy to operate.

Our battery-operated roller blinds (Silent Gliss 4955) are great for those who want the ease of motorised blinds, but without the hassle of installing mains powered blinds – perfect for hard-to-reach windows, or as a retrofit solution.

The classic shading system features a refined design with clean lines and high-quality materials to suit a wide range of interiors. With three bottom bar choices and a vast range of fabrics to choose from, you can get perfect blinds, whatever your style.

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Detailed Product Information

The 4955 battery-operated electric roller blind system consists of a cassette header, containing the batteries, motor and fabric roll, and a weighted bottom bar at the bottom of the fabric.

4955 System Colours

The header cassette comes in white and the bottom bar comes in either white or silver, or can be covered in the same fabric as your blind.

Battery Information

Battery type

The 4955 system takes 8 standard AA lithium batteries, which are supplied. When you come to change them, please replace with lithium batteries, not alkaline.

Battery life

Battery life can be up to 3 years, depending on how much you operate the blind, and the blind's size, as larger blinds take more energy to move.

Battery fitting

The batteries fit into a battery pack that can be easily removed from the blind. The battery pack fits behind a cover in the header cassette of the blind and cannot be seen when fitted.

Fabric Sizes

You can choose any width from 60cm up to 240cm and any drop height from 60cm up to 400cm.

The fabric on your blind will be 1.7cm (17mm) narrower than the width of entire system on each side, so if the blind is going in a recess, check this gives you enough coverage. It is normally fine as most window frames are wider than this.

Fixing and fitting

4955's can be fixed up to the ceiling, for example in side a window recess, or to a wall. We will send the correct brackets to match your selection on the blind designer.

The brackets are easy to fix by a competent DIYer and the blind simply clips to them.

You will just need rawl plugs and screws suitable for your fixing surface.

Product Specification

Made to measure, battery-operated electric roller blind.

Name: Silent Gliss 4955 Electric Roller Blind (Battery)

Brand: Silent Gliss - Model:4955

Product description: Silent Gliss battery-operated electric roller blind for home or office use. Available in a range of attractive fabrics.

Price from: £847.68 (for a 1m x 1m blind)

Our discount off RRP: 20%

Blind availability: In stock / Made to order in 5 to 7 working days

Warranty: 5 years

Delivery: Free to UK Mainland


The fabrics we offer for this range of blinds are Silent Gliss' own, specifically designed and refined for this application.

We currently offer fabrics from their two most popular groups, Colorama 1 and Colorama 2, which have both vivid and more toned-down colours to suit any application.

The fabrics are the same colours in both groups, but:

  • Colorama 1 is slightly thinner and therefore more transparent than Colorama 2.
  • Colorama 2 is thicker and lets less light through.
Colorama 1 Colorama 2
Colorama 1, fabric 423 for comparison with the next photo of the same fabric in Colorama 2 Colorama 2, fabric 423 for comparison with the previous photo of the same fabric in Colorama 1
Colorama 1, fabric 427 for comparison with the next photo of the same fabric in Colorama 2 Colorama 2, fabric 427 for comparison with the previous photo of the same fabric in Colorama 1
Colorama 1, fabric 410 for comparison with the next photo of the same fabric in Colorama 2 Colorama 2, fabric 410 for comparison with the previous photo of the same fabric in Colorama 1

What's In The Box?

Your roller blind comes fully assembled and is supplied with batteries, fixing brackets and any control options you select.

You will receive a sturdy and well-packaged box containing your whole order.

All you'll need extra are items such as rawl plugs and screws to fit your blind to your chosen surface.


The Silent Gliss 4955 electric roller blind system is priced on size, and by fabric group.

Enter the size of your blind into the price calculator and choose a fabric to get your exact price. You can then place your order securely online.

Video Guides

Video: 4955 Wall Fitting

Video: 4955 Ceiling Fitting

Video: 4955 Battery Replacement

Video: Colorama Fabrics

Incredible Support

The DEC team

Discount Electric Curtains is run by a passionate, approachable team who know our products inside out.

Our specialist, experienced and friendly staff are at the end of the phone during normal office hours on 01543 279996 and can answer any pre-sale or aftersales questions you may have.

You can also email contact@discountelectriccurtains.co.uk with any queries.


Our Silent Gliss 4955 electric roller blinds are made to measure and usually delivered within 5 to 7 working days from your order being placed.

We will always let you know in advance when your blind will be arriving.

5 Year Warranty

All our Silent Gliss products come with a 5 year warranty as standard and the 4955 electric blind is no exception.

If your product suffers a fault during this time, get in touch with us directly and we'll find the most efficient way to rectify, repair or replace your product.