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Silent Gliss Autoglide 5600 Electric Curtain Track

Heavy Duty, Made to Measure, Full Electric Curtain Track Kit with Numerous Control Options, Including Mobile App

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Track length cm (100 - 2500)

If fitting into a gap or recess,
take 1cm off for a comfortable fit.

The motor is included in the track length and so doesn’t affect your measurements.

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Do you want bending for a bay window?

No, just a straight track
Yes please (+ £164)

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Do you want the track bending?

(25-99cm radius bends for £154 each)
(over 99cm radius bends for £289 each)

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Looking out, where would you like
the open curtain(s)?

One each side
Curtain on left
Curtain on right
Looking out, where should the motor be?

Motor on left
Motor on right

Which side would you like the motor on. The 5600 requires wiring into the mains by a professional.
Fix up to the ceiling or against a wall?

Fixed against a wall
Fixed to the ceiling

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Would you like the Silent Gliss Wave System?

No, I will hang normal curtains
80mm wave (No extra cost)
60mm wave (No extra cost)

The Wave system works with special Wave-prepared curtains to give a uniformly spaced wave when they hang and move.

Please make sure you read up on and understand the Wave system before ordering your track with it.

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Would you like the Silent Gliss Wave System Gliders?

Ask if your curtain suppliers can provide your curtains with "Silent Gliss Wave Header Tape". If so, you have the option of your curtains opening, closing and hanging with a uniformly spaced wave as shown on the promotional pictures on this site. If you're considering wave, please make sure you read all of the literature on it:
No, I will hang normal curtains
Standard Wave (No extra cost)

Standard Optional Control Methods

The 5600 track can be hard-wired to a switch by an electician, or there are a variety of ways to control it.

No remote. I already have one.
With compatible open / close wall switch to be hard wired by an electrician. (+ £86.65)
Single channel remote
(+ £257.64)
Control one track, or multiple tracks all at the same time
Multi channel remote
(+ £257.64)
Control one or more tracks independently

If you're buying multiple tracks and want them all (up to five) controlled from the same transmitter, select "multi-channel" on ONE of the tracks that you add to your shopping basket, and "none" on the others.

Home Automation Control System

With the Silent Gliss "Move" system, you connect the Move Server to your internet router and can control and program up to 15 compatible Silent Gliss tracks and devices from a mobile app (Android, IOS, Windows - Search for Silent Gliss Move). Read more in the product description on this page.

No home automation kit.

"Move" Server and Transmitter Home Automation Kit
(+ £1214.64)

RRP: £
Saving: £
Includes VAT, a 5 year warranty and free UK mainland delivery

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5stars out of 5
Very fast and efficient service.

5stars out of 5
excellent throughout, order handling and delivery was very efficient

4stars out of 5
Delivery was on time, and the store phoned in advance to let me know when it would arrive.

4stars out of 5
A competitive price was offered on the automatic curtain closers in which we were interested, and when we visited in person, useful help in selecting a suitable model for our purpose was offered. When we placed an order subsequently, the parts arrived promptly. We would be happy to place further orders with them.

5stars out of 5
Excellent, prompt delivery and good after sales care.

5stars out of 5
Web site was fine, Goods arrived faster than stated. Well satisfied with the service.

5stars out of 5

5stars out of 5
Excellent service. Delivery was on time. Everything was present and correct, very well packed and in perfect condition.

5stars out of 5
Very helpful on telephone query. Easy to use website and prompt efficient delivery at a good price.

5stars out of 5
A genuine 1st class service.

Detailed Product Information
Autoglide 5600
Electric curtain track
system for contract and
residential use
  • Numerous control options
    including a mobile app
  • 10% off Silent Gliss RRP
  • Option for bending
  • Fit your own curtains
  • Uses standard curtain hooks
  • Up to 25m long track
  • Recommended fitting by an electrician
  • Curtains up to 60kg (132 lb)
    (on 10m straight track).
  • 5 Year Warranty

This Silent Gliss Autoglide 5600 electric curtain track is easy to fit and designed especially for commercial and top-end residential applications.

It is available in much longer lengths than the Autoglide 5100 and has increased motor power, supports larger and heavier curtains and has a variety of control options, including a system allowing operation through smartphone, tablet and MS Windows apps.

It is a complete kit with everything you need to automate your curtains (you just need the screws or fixings for the type of wall or ceiling you're fitting to, plus standard curtain hooks for your curtains).

The 5600 system also has a couple of stand-out features:
  • A new feature called Touch & Go, where you simply pull on your curtain and the motor takes over for the rest of the way.
  • There's now an easy manual override in the event you suffer a power cut
(These two features are only available on tracks less than 12m in length). These track systems come without curtains. You can hang your own standard curtains using normal curtain hooks (not supplied). Tracks are only available in white.
5 Year Warranty Free UK Mainland Delivery 10% off RRP
Secure Online Shopping Confidence (we're authorised Silent Gliss Partners)

Silent Gliss 5600 Image Gallery
Silent Gliss 5600 Track Silent Gliss 5600 Track Installed Showing Motor Silent Gliss 5600 Track Profile Silent Gliss 5600 Motor Silent Gliss 9960 Move Server Silent Gliss 9961 Move Server Stick

Optional App Control - Home Automation

Silent Gliss have a device called a "Move Server" (Silent Gliss code: 9960) which connects to your broadband router, and in conjunction with a "Move Stick" (Silent Gliss code: 9961) can control up to 15 compatible wireless-enabled Silent Gliss devices featuring the Radio Control 9940 or 0450 systems. Adding another Move Stick will let you control a further 15 devices.

The Silent Gliss Move Server can then be controlled by the Silent Gliss "Move" app, available for Android smartphones and tablets, Apple IOS iPhones and iPads and for Windows Desktop. We advise downloading the app for free from the respective app stores to look through some of the features in demo mode and make sure it's compatible with your devices.


The Silent Gliss Move App enables you to directly control your curtain track, program set times to open and close your curtains, or use the Sunset and Sunrise feature to open and close with day and night (this feature operates using sunset and sunrise times the unit retrieves from the Internet, rather than using a physical light sensor).

The Silent Gliss Move system also allows you to group multiple curtain tracks together to create "mood" groups… so for instance you create a "movie" mood, which closes all of the curtains in your lounge, and then a "night time" mood, which closes all of the curtains in your house.

What's in the box?
This is a complete kit, with track, fixing brackets, motor and your chosen control options. All you need extra are the correct screws and fixings to fit to your type of wall or ceiling, power cable to wire the motor into the mains (requires an electrician) some standard curtain hooks for hanging your curtain(s).

Installation Notes

Face the higher edge of the profile into the room side.

The track (Silent Gliss code 10850) can be fixed to the ceiling:

  • by screwing through the track directly into the ceiling without any mounting brackets.
  • by fitting mounting brackets (Silent Gliss code 3001) and then attaching the track to the brackets. We can supply the 3001 brackets separately.
or the track can be fixed to a wall:
  • using L-brackets (Silent Gliss code 3134-39), along with fixing brackets (Silent Gliss code 3041). The L-brackets can be covered with bracket covers (Silent Gliss code 3133).
Delivery time
As it is made to measure, please allow 12 working days for delivery, 15 working days for bent tracks.

If you have a shaped window, such as a bay window, the track can be bent for you during manufacture. Simply select the "bending" options before placing your order. Feel free to give us a call on 01543 279996 for more information. Please note bending reduces the maximum supported curtain weight. .

You can also print and use this handy Curtain Track Bending Angle Measure.

Wave Header Option
We now offer the Silent Gliss Wave Header System. Read more about this in the track configuration box.

Silent Gliss 5600 Downloads and Documentation
Silent Gliss 5600 Product Brochure
Silent Gliss 5600 Move Server (Home Automation)
Silent Gliss Wave System
Silent Gliss Electric Curtain Track Systems Overview

Most frequently asked questions
How long does delivery take after placing my order? - On average, delivery takes just 12 working days, 15 working days if you require bending.

Can the tracks be bent for a bay window? - Yes the tracks can be bent at the manufacturing stage. Click the option for bending and we'll be in touch once you place your order to work out the exact measurements for the perfect fit. Everyone who has ever ordered a bent track from us has been happy with the results.

Do I need an electrician to fit the track? - Yes. In addition to the physical mounting of the track, which can be carried out by someone competent at DIY, the 5600 requires an electrician to be wired into the mains.

Do I need special curtains or curtain hooks to use one of these tracks? - No, you can use normal curtain hooks to fit standard curtains.

What if my curtain track develops a fault? - Our tracks come with a 5 year warranty. If you experience a fault, give us a call on 01543 279996 and if we can't troubleshoot the problem over the phone with you we'll arrange replacement parts.

Read our full list of frequently asked questions here

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Pricing matrix used by the calculator

Prices include VAT and UK mainland delivery

Length up to...RRPYour Price
150 cm £1,768.15 £1,591.00
200 cm £1,802.17 £1,621.00
250 cm £1,836.19 £1,652.00
300 cm £1,870.26 £1,683.00
350 cm £1,904.34 £1,713.00
400 cm £1,938.38 £1,744.00
450 cm £1,972.44 £1,775.00
500 cm £2,010.08 £1,809.00
550 cm £2,040.55 £1,836.00
600 cm £2,074.58 £1,867.00
650 cm £2,119.64 £1,907.00
700 cm £2,153.68 £1,938.00
750 cm £2,187.74 £1,968.00
800 cm £2,221.80 £1,999.00
850 cm £2,255.84 £2,030.00
900 cm £2,289.88 £2,060.00
950 cm £2,323.94 £2,091.00
1000 cm £2,358.00 £2,122.00
1050 cm £2,392.12 £2,152.00
1100 cm £2,426.21 £2,183.00
1150 cm £2,460.34 £2,214.00
1200 cm £2,494.42 £2,244.00
1250 cm £2,528.53 £2,275.00
1300 cm £2,562.64 £2,306.00
1350 cm £2,596.73 £2,337.00
1400 cm £2,630.87 £2,367.00
1450 cm £2,664.96 £2,398.00
1500 cm £2,699.06 £2,429.00
1550 cm £2,733.18 £2,459.00
1600 cm £2,767.28 £2,490.00
1650 cm £2,801.40 £2,521.00
1700 cm £2,835.49 £2,551.00
1750 cm £2,869.61 £2,582.00
1800 cm £2,903.71 £2,613.00
1850 cm £2,937.83 £2,644.00
1900 cm £2,971.91 £2,674.00
1950 cm £3,006.04 £2,705.00
2000 cm £3,040.14 £2,736.00
2050 cm £3,074.24 £2,766.00
2100 cm £3,108.36 £2,797.00
2150 cm £3,142.45 £2,828.00
2200 cm £3,176.57 £2,858.00
2250 cm £3,210.67 £2,889.00
2300 cm £3,244.78 £2,920.00
2350 cm £3,278.89 £2,951.00
2400 cm £3,312.98 £2,981.00
2450 cm £3,347.10 £3,012.00
2500 cm £3,381.20 £3,043.00

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