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In our Silent Gliss Autoglide frequently asked questions section, we state that the 5100 electric curtain range is capable of supporting curtains up to 25kg if straight and 15kg if the track has any bends in, and that this includes the vast majority of light to medium weight domestic curtains.

Just out of interest we measured and weighed various curtains from our own homes.

Tested curtain measurements and weight
The smallest, each 1m wide x 1m 80cm drop (39.3 x 70.9 inches),
Weight: less than 1kg each (2.2 lb) , so totalling less than 2kg together

The largest, each 2.69m wide  x 2.66m drop(106 x 105 inches)
Weight: 7kg (15.4 lb) each, totalling 14kg (30.8 lb)

Even the largest, heaviest lined curtains we could find were still easily within the weight limit for a straight Autoglide track.
We can therefore assume that when Silent Gliss specify weights for the their consumer-market tracks, they are simply implying that they're not intended for moving theatre-sized curtains around!

By the way, to measure our curtains, we first weighed one of us, then weighed the same person again while holding the curtains and then took their weight away from the final readings.

The Discount Electric Curtains Team