Covid-19 - 28/03/2020 - Silent Gliss have temporarily postponed production of Autoglide Tracks. You can still place orders with us but at the moment we're not able to give an indication of when they'll be fulfilled by Silent Gliss. If you'd like to be kept up to date, please send us an email and we'll let you know as soon as they're back in action.

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As stated in the first paragraph of their website, Silent Gliss “is committed to serving the requirements of the upper end of the window treatment market“ –

As their customers “rightly expect the very best in terms of quality, design, technology, service and individuality“, they don’t let any Tom, Dick or Harry become dealers for their products! They require that their high standards are constantly met. That is why Haywoods, the company that brings you is proud to be the largest contract account for both manufacture and distribution of Silent Gliss products in the Midlands!

Did you know, Silent Gliss is so-named because in 1952 they manufactured the world’s first “Silent” curtain track? They were also among the first to manufacture bent curtain rails.

Another big claim to fame, is that while so many have copied them, Silent Gliss were the first company to manufacture electric curtain tracks that used a wireless push button! They are therefore the leading authority on electrically operated curtains. No other company is dedicated to such build quality and performance, which is confidently reflected in their 5 year guarantees.
Silent Gliss now operate globally, offering almost every kind of window furnishing you could ever require.

We deal primarily with their Autoglide electric curtain track systems on this website, but give us a call if you need any other Silent Gliss products at competitive pricing.