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This article discusses the Autoglide 5090 series which has been discontinued and replaced with the new
Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 Series

The Autoglide 5090IR uses an infrared remote control to allow you to operate your curtains from across the room. The technology is the same as that found in a television remote control, but how does it actually work?

Infrared light cannot be detected by the human eye, but can easily be seen by certain electronic devices.
An infrared remote control converts commands, in this case “open the curtains”, into flashes of infrared light. Infrared light can’t be seen by the human eye, but the receiver on the electric curtain control box can detect it. The control box picks up these flashes and converts them back into a command, and voila, your curtains open.

This method of operation explains why you can’t change television channel from another room, the TV needs to be able to see the flashes coming from the remote control.

Did you know that digital cameras, including those in your mobile phone, along with camcorders, can also detect infrared light? Try changing channel while looking at the top of your remote control live on the screen of your digital camera. You can actually see the flashes that are commanding the device you are controlling!

So that’s how the Silent Gliss remote control curtains work, just in case you wondered.

The Autoglide 5100TC also incorporates the wireless remote control option, along with the light sensor, timer and wall button.

For further, much more detailed information about infrared light, take a look at the WiseGeeks website. (Note: The new Autoglide 5100 series uses radio signals, rather than infra-red for better range and reliability.)

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