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Electric curtains provide your home with not only beauty but also a sense of efficiency and security you could never imagine possible with window treatments. Decorating a home is exciting yet can also be stressful when trying to find just the right thing for the interior of your home. While you want attractive furnishings, it's also important to get items that are functional as well as economical. Electric curtains provide you with all of these features.


Window treatments such as curtains, drapes and valances are a major part of home interior decorating but also serve other purposes as well. They also provide energy efficiency inside the home by keeping out the sunshine in the summer while allowing it to warm the home in the winter. Electric curtains provide the same energy efficiency but also provide you with the convenience of not having to manually open and close your curtains each time. Seldom do you find windows in a home that do not have something in front of them, whether it's a couch, chair, houseplants or something similar. The downside of this is the inconvenience of having to work around these items to get to the curtains to open or close them in the morning, at night or during periods throughout the day. Electric curtains eliminate this inconvenience by making it easy for you to do it or doing it for you. Some of the features of the electric curtains that contribute to this ease of use are the wall switch or button, timer and light switch and remote control.

Wall Switch

Electric curtains provide you with the convenience of not only having to manually open and close your curtains but also with quiet operation. The wall button or switch allows you to open or close your drapes by merely touching the button. Image the look of surprise on your guests' faces when they see your drapes open or close when you're on the other side of the room. Included with the electric curtains are all the parts necessary for easy installation.


Electric curtains can also be purchased with a timer. The timer unit can be programmed to open at certain times of the day. Many people like their curtains open at dawn but may not be up or available to do this. You have the choice to program the electric curtains to open and shut by the time. These electric curtains are perfect as an addition to your home security, particularly when you're gone but want to give the appearance of being home.

Remote Control

It seems like almost everything today can be programmed to work with a remote control and these electric curtains are no exception. You can now open and close your curtains from anywhere in your home with the assistance of the handy remote control. This is the ideal situation for less able-bodied people.