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Everywhere we look, it seems like we're seeing more types of automation and now even curtain tracks have been "upgraded". Electric curtains have managed to bring an exciting and popular form of automation right into your home. With the busy lives homeowners lead today, they need every possible convenience and this is exactly what they get with automatic curtains.
Everyone in your family will be able to open and close the motorized curtains, regardless of how many chairs, plants or entertainment centers happen to be in front of them. Silent Gliss autoglide curtains offer you choices in their remote curtains. Since their start in 1952, Silent Gliss has always been dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing their customers with unique and customized curtain tracks to meet their individual needs.
Silent Gliss autoglide automatic curtains are offered in several different styles so you won't have to pay for more than you need and want. This is just another example of Silent Gliss's commitment to their customers. Motorized curtains come with a variety of convenient functions, so you can choose the model that best meets your needs.
While some come with a wall switch, others offer a remote control or timer. Silent Gliss believes in offering consumers choices. After all, it's your home you're decorating and your choices should depend on what your family wants and needs. With the different styles of remote curtains offered by Silent Gliss, you can get the electric curtains you want in the sizes you need.
One particular style Silent Gliss offers in electric curtains is their Silent Gliss Model 5100, which features an Autoglide curtain track. A wall switch controls these electric curtains. In the same way that you turn your lights off and on as you enter or leave a room, you can also open and close your curtains. Once you choose the size you want in these autoglide electric curtains, they'll be custom made to your specifications. Everything you need to easily install your curtains is included in the kit. In a matter of minutes, your motorized curtains will be up and ready.
For homeowners and consumers wanting a different style of ease of use, the Silent Gliss Model 5100 R is available. These remote curtains offer you the convenience of a remote control. You'll no longer have to jump out of bed or get off the couch to open or close your curtains. You simply pick up the remote control and your work is done for you.
Silent Gliss offers you automatic curtains with a timer in the Silent Gliss Model 5100 T. These electric curtains are the ideal choice for individuals that are gone from their home a lot. All they need to do is set the time and the automatic curtains will open and close at designated times.
Silent Gliss Model 5100 TC offers you the maximum in features and convenience. These motorized autoglide curtains come with a timer, wall switch and the remote control. As I said, with Silent Gliss, it's all about choices and this model offers you the choice of how and when you want to draw your curtains.  With so many choices of electric curtains, consumers can choose what they want at a price they can afford and not worry about paying for features they don't want or need.