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We've just completed a round of updates to www.discountelectriccurtains.co.uk to give you more information about choosing the right electric curtain track.

1) Quick links to all information on the Autoglide 5100 product pages

At the top of each Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 page, there's a new box summarising all the information on the page. You can click each heading to be taken straight to the section you're interested in.

A screenshot of one of the quick link boxes at the top of each Autoglide 5100 page

2) "From" price box

There is now a "From" price box at the top of the page so you can see at a glance what the product price starts from and how we compare to our competitors.

This is a delivered price. The length of the track and the accessories affect the price, which is shown at the bottom of the price calculator before you add to your basket.

A screenshot of an example 'From' price for an Autoglide track

3) "At-a-Glance" Autoglide model comparison

We've built a little table to show what each of the four main Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 models comes with. The only difference between them are the control accessories.

Don't forget, you can always buy extra controls for your track at any time in the future. You're not limiting yourself by your initial choices.

A screenshot of the new comparison table for the four main Autoglide models

4) Easy product switcher

Previously, if you'd entered your track length and chosen all the options for your Autoglide Curtain Track, if you changed your mind about the controls you wanted, you'd have to visit the page for that specific product and enter all your information again.

We've now added a handy Product Switcher right before the Add to Basket button where you can choose a different model with different controls if you'd like, without having to re-enter all of your track details.

A screenshot of the new comparison table for the four main Autoglide models

5) Brand new client videos

We've had a tremendous response to a request for previous customers to send in videos, and we appreciate each and every one!

We've added a range of new customer videos to the product pages so you can see how the Silent Gliss Autoglides look and operate in the 'real world'.

A screenshot of the new comparison table for the four main Autoglide models


We're always looking for ways to help potential customers make their minds up about the right electric curtain tracks for them. If there's anything you'd like to see on our website, or recommendations you'd like to make, feel free to email us on