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Silent Gliss Automatic Curtain Opener
Silent Gliss Automatic Curtain Opener

Are you looking for a way to automate the opening and closing of your curtains?

We've thought long and hard about the features that make the best automatic curtain openers to save you time on your search. We believe that automatic curtains should:

  • Be easy to install
  • Operate Quietly
  • Be easy to control
  • Optionally be fully automatable with a timer
  • Be robust to require minimal maintenance

All of these features are present in the Silent Gliss range of automatic curtain opener with the Autoglide series of products.

A Silent Gliss Autoglide System is an electric curtain track you fix to your wall or ceiling and hang your own curtains on.

It is easy to install, with simple-to-fit brackets and a long power lead to plug into a standard UK mains socket.

Silent Gliss, as the name suggests, manufacture the quietest curtain tracks on the market. They simply glide in near-silence.

The Autoglide range of automatic curtain opener come with a variety of control options, including wireless wall button, wireless remote control and a programmable timer, giving you multiple options for controlling the light in your home.

The Silent Gliss range of automatic curtain openers therefore ticks all the boxes for what we looked for in an electric curtain track system. We were so impressed by the quality, we're now the largest Silent Gliss reseller in the Midlands!

Have a look at the range of automatic openers and read more about them.

Here's a link to the official Silent Gliss Autoglide page for the automatic curtain openers that we sell: Silent Gliss Website.