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Silent Gliss is undoubtedly one of, if not the leading luxury brand when it comes to curtain tracks. They're featured in high-end and heavy-use installations all around the world, from 5-star hotels, luxurious private accommodation, cutting-edge office spaces, and even in hospitals.

If you're not clear on the options, choosing a Silent Gliss curtain track can be somewhat confusing. There are many different profiles, installation methods, strengths, sizes, weight limits and operation modes it can be overwhelming.

That's why on this site, we make the choice easy for you. We focus on the very best all-round tracks that are most suited to our website visitors.

While we can (and do) supply every type of Silent Gliss curtain track to the UK trade, our website here mainly focusses on the Silent Gliss Autoglide tracks.

Silent Gliss Autoglide combines the very best features from the Silent Gliss range, incorporating simple installation, effortless powered movement, smooth and quiet operation, reliability from a tried and tested robust design, a range of useful control types and a 5 year guarantee that shows how confident Silent Gliss is in the quality of their curtain tracks.

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