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Swish Autoglide curtain tracks can be found in many homes up and down the country, so it is inevitable that at some point these curtain track owners will need to find replacement parts for those products. Unfortunately, since the name and product was bought from Swish by Silent Gliss, it has become increasingly difficult to find spare and replacement parts to fit the make and model you need.

This is because parts for Swish curtain tracks haven't been manufactured since Silent Gliss bought the name, and the modern Autoglide parts are not compatible with the old Swish curtain tracks. Luckily, if you're a Swish curtain track owner in this position, you do have other options if you'd like to continue to use these kinds of curtain tracks in your home.

Since taking over the brand, Silent Gliss have built on and improved the Autoglide range, now offering a variety of top quality electric curtain tracks with a whole host of different options and accessories. For instance, you can get Silent Gliss Autoglide curtain tracks with remote controls, wall-mounted buttons and timers, giving you full control over your curtain tracks and making them work for you and your individual needs in each room of your house.

It is worth noting that while Swish deluxe tracks still exist, these are manual tracks and not electric ones like the Silent Gliss Autoglides. These Gliss electric curtain tracks can be completely made to measure, and the quick installation and ease of use will make you wish you'd turned to electric tracks sooner. The other benefits of electric curtain tracks over manual are numerous, from convenience (you can open or close your curtains with just a press of a button) to energy efficiency (keeping out sunshine in the summer, for example) and even security (leaving your timed curtain tracks to open and close while you're on holiday to make it look like there are people in the house). Therefore, it can be extremely beneficial to upgrade from your Swish deluxe tracks to the new Silent Gliss Autoglide products.

So, if you're looking for spare or replacement parts for Swish Autoglide curtain tracks, it may be time to consider upgrading to the latest Silent Gliss electric curtain tracks. Here at Discount Electric Curtains we are a Silent Gliss Authorised Partner, so we can recommend the best curtain tracks for you and your home. Our helpful staff are also extremely knowledgeable about all Silent Gliss products, so take a look at our product pages to read more about the benefits and individual features of each of these popular Silent Gliss models.