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We all love those little gadgets that make life easier for us – smart phones, tablet computers, applications that track our weight loss and our exercise and pretty much everything else we ever do… but there's one invention that has helped us out probably more than anything else over the years: the trusty remote control. That little piece of plastic and wiring means that we can lounge around the living room and watch TV without having to get up to change the channels. I know what you're thinking, but it isn't about laziness; it's about convenience.

These days, life can be incredibly hectic, and if we manage to scrape together a few hours in front of the TV before we head to bed, we want that time to be as relaxing as possible. With many of us balancing long hours at the office with a hectic family life, stress can become a very real thing, and having somewhere to relax suddenly seems incredibly important. Something like a remote control may seem small (and, of course, is small physically), but it can be a huge help when we're busy relaxing. Granted, changing the channels isn't always a problem, but channel hopping can get old if you're constantly having to get up and go over to the TV every time you want to watch something different. It's also a great invention for people who are less mobile than others, and it's a complete Godsend to us when we're feeling under the weather – when every single movement hurts and we just want to keep as still as possible.

So, it comes as no surprise that there are remote controls popping up all over the place for a whole variety of technologies and products, each one of them making our lives that tiny bit easier. Another item that makes great use of the remote control is that of your curtains or blinds. Obviously, this doesn't apply to any old curtains or blinds, but to those of us who are fortunate enough to have window fittings that make use out of electric curtain tracks, it's another great creation.

Curtain tracks come with a variety of different options, from electric curtain tracks with timers, to those which are operated from a wall switch that's placed conveniently in an easily accessible part of your room. The ones that come with a remote control, however, are both convenient and stylish, and let's face it... they're great fun to play with when you have guests over and want to show them your latest gadgets around your home.

Curtain tracks can be fitted to any type of window, no matter what shape or size – just ask an installation expert about how every room in your home can benefit from the addition of these nifty little inventions. Discount Electric Curtains only employs specialists, and so every installation goes as smoothly as possible. Just take a look at the wide range of products they offer, and imagine the ease with which you'll be able to close your curtains, turn on your TV, and watch a movie all from the comfort of your own sofa (electric curtain tracks make for a great home cinema room). You won't have to move a muscle (apart from to press the button on the remote!) so you can concentrate on relaxing instead.