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 When it comes to decorating a new home (or revamping your existing one), there are an incredible amount of things to think about: colour schemes, styles, furniture, accessories, where to hide all of your junk… the list is almost endless. And while you may be thinking about curtains and blinds as a way of tying together your chosen colour scheme in each particular room, that’s usually about where the thinking ends regarding windows; once you’ve got the right colour, fabric, and length, you leave the curtains and go on to thinking about other things, such as which sofa to choose or which kitchen table to go for. This is all perfectly normal, but the truth is, you can do more with your curtains than you think.
Electric curtain tracks may not be the first thing on everyone’s wish list when they move into a new house, but they have more uses than you might be aware of. The main thing (in terms of decorating a building) is that they have the amazing ability to help keep your room looking tidy. If you’re into the minimalist look, electric blinds could be the very thing for you, as they take up no more space in your room, and add to the clean lines you may already have gone for. Electric curtains can also add to your style: by all means, match them to your room in terms of both colour and fabric, but you can create even more of a sense of style by opting for a Wave Header System such as that provided by Silent Gliss. Not to mention the fact that effortlessly gliding curtains (while you sit and look on) gives your room a certain stylishness that is lost if you have to make your way around an assault course every time you want to get to your windows. All you need is a wall switch installed next to your sofa or favourite place to sit, and you’re good to go.
Electric curtain tracks can even give you ideas for what to do with your rooms, especially if you’re a movie buff and have the space to create your very own home cinema. Just imagine it: a huge TV, several comfy sofas, surround sound, and blackout curtains that all draw to a close at the touch of a button as you sit down to watch a film with friends. You can also get electric curtain tracks complete with remote controls, so you really won’t have to get up during the film at all – unless, of course, you run out of snacks (unfortunately, the remote control won’t help you there).
Discount Electric Curtains can provide you with the curtain tracks needed to create or add to your very own style. Check out the website today for a wide range of electric curtain tracks with various extras, from remote controls to wall switches for easy access. If bought from Discount Electric Curtains, you can benefit from expert knowledge, fast order processing times, and free delivery if you live in the mainland UK. Whether you’ve just moved into a new place or fancy sprucing up your current home, you can do more with curtains and blinds than you might think, so get creative and start paying attention to those windows.