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You're about to go on holiday. You pack your suitcases, take the dog to the kennels, make sure all appliances are unplugged and all windows are closed and locked, and then that's it; you're leaving your house for a week or two in order for the struggles and stress of everyday life to be left behind. By the time you get to the airport, you should be well on your way to a nice, relaxing holiday, but for some reason, your brain refuses to switch off. Will the house be OK? What if someone catches on to the fact that there's no one home? What if we get burgled? What if we have a great holiday only to get back to a trashed house? These worries may seem silly, but there's a serious reason for them: burglars do target empty houses, and it can be very obvious after just a couple of days of viewing to see that there's no one at home. Security is of the utmost importance, and worrying about the place we've left behind has ruined many a holiday which should be stress-free and fun.
But what can you do about it? Some people leave lights on (just a few, so as not to seem too obvious), but unless you've got these on a timer, it can soon become clear that there's no one turning them on in the evening and then off when everyone goes to bed. An eternally burning light in someone's house can sometimes act as a kind of beacon, with it being more noticeable than if none were left on at all. So, with the lights perhaps not being an option you want to consider, what else can you do?
Believe it or not, your curtains could be the answer. Yes, the very things you use to shut out the dark (or the light) could help you to shut out unwanted trespassers from your home. How does this work? Well, all you'd need to do would be to install some curtain tracks onto your existing windows. Sound simple? It is. These electric curtain tracks can come with a timer, so you can set them to open and close at certain points throughout the day, such as at morning and night. This will mimic the way you usually use your curtains, making it look like there's someone living in your house the whole time you're away.
Of course, electric curtain tracks are also useful for when you are at home. With remote controls, wall switches and more, they come with several gadgets that will make your life easier and your home more stylish. They can be fitted onto all types of windows, using your existing curtains, and there are a huge range to choose from. Discount Electric Curtains can offer you all of this plus top quality service and staff with expert knowledge on the subject. So, next time you go on holiday, get your curtain tracks sorted before you go. With a click of a button to set the timer, you'll be able to help secure both your home and your own peace of mind, so you can enjoy your time in the sun without a single worry!