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 Electric Curtains are perfect for trying to make a house your home. They are a little piece of luxury that you not only deserve but can afford.  So what makes them so luxurious? What makes them something that can turn a house into a home? Well keep reading to find out!

 Well first of all they are so easy to operate that you barely need to lift a finger (sometimes you don’t even need to do that much). Plus you can open and close multiple blinds at the same time so you don’t need to around the house opening and closing your curtains individually which is a major advantage over your normal curtain track!

Remote control curtains are one of our most popular ranges because of how simple they are to use. These curtain tracks allow you to open and close your curtains from the comfort of your sofa (which sure beats going around the house opening and closing them manually).

There are also two methods of curtain track operation that are completely automatic. These are Timer curtain tracks, and they are fairly self explanatory as well as easy to setup, the timer works by you setting a time for when you want your curtains close and the time for when you want them to open.