Single Channel Wireless Wall Switch (10949)



This wireless wall switch is for the Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 series (5100B, 5100R, 5100T, 5100TC) and Silent gliss 4955 battery-powered blind.

This control is provided in two parts, a wall-mountable holder and the actual, removable remote button. It is essentially a remote control that can be stored back in its holder on the wall.

The holder is to be attached to your wall, so you can place the button next to the room's light switch or within reach of your favourite chair, for example, but you can then remove the remote button to use anywhere or leave on the coffee table.

The "single channel" part of the name means that the controller will control one or more blinds, but all at once, instead of individually. So, you could have four blinds in one room, and the one controller will open and control all of them at the same time.

If you want to be able to control blinds independently from the same controller, look for the multi-channel controllers.

You can buy it as a replacement if you happen to damage your existing switch, or as an addition to your existing 5100 system.

As an addition, you can buy this wall switch and start using it with your existing system out of the box. You can have multiple wall switches controlling the same curtain track.

This switch is not compatible with the Autoglide 5090 Series.

Please note: a delivery charge of £15 applies to orders under £99.