Single Channel Remote (10946)



This wireless remote control unit is for the Silent Gliss Autoglide 5100 series (5100B, 5100R, 5100T, 5100TC) and the 4955 battery-powered electric roller blind.

This is a single-channel remote, meaning that it can control one or more tracks and blinds all at once, rather than individually.

You can buy it as a replacement if you happen to damage your existing remote, or as an addition to upgrade your existing system.

You can buy this remote and start using it out the box with your existing 5100 Autoglide or 4955 system.

You can use multiple remotes to control the same curtain track.

This remote is not compatible with the Autoglide 5090 Series.

Please note: a delivery charge of £15 applies to orders under £99.