5-Channel Wireless Wall Switch (Silent Gliss 11490)



This wireless wall switch is for use with the Silent Gliss 5600 curtain track system and the 4960 electric roller blind.

Please note, your 5600 or 4960 needs the integrated radio receiver module in the motor. If you bought your track or blind from us off this website, you will already have the receiver and this remote will work straight away. If you did not buy your track or blind from us, you will have to check to see if you already have the receiver or not.

This is a 5-channel switch, meaning that it can control up to 5 individual tracks and blinds, or groups of tracks and blinds independently.

It can also operate all 5 channels at once.

You can buy it as a replacement if you happen to damage your existing remote, or as an addition to upgrade your existing system.

You can use multiple remotes to control the same curtain track or blind.

Please note: a delivery charge of £15 applies to orders under £99.