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 Have you ever wondered what a curtain track represents? What they actually mean to you? No? Well we have! To us a curtain track is not just something that allows you to pull a piece of fabric across a window but a separation between night and day and a way of allowing the light from the sunrise to burst into your living room.

Without curtain tracks movies wouldn't have the dramatic effect of whipping open the curtains to reveal vast landscapes or teeming city streets and you wouldn't be able to wake up your lazy teenager by throwing open the curtains and letting light flood into the room (admit it, you hated that as a kid, but now you rather enjoy it).

So now that we know how great curtain tracks are how can they get any better? Well we have the answer to this as well and it comes in the form of electric curtains tracks. Here at Discount Electric Curtains we don't offer your normal standard curtain track we offer a range of Electric Curtain Tracks from Silent Gliss.

These brilliant curtain tracks can be automated via a timer so that they open and close without you having to lift a finger and can even be controlled by remote control. Electric curtain tracks are perfect for home automation and are not only a great help if you struggle to get to the window because of various things in your way but also as a security measure when you're on holiday if you have the timer installed.